Online Academic Journal proposes to publish and disseminate scientific articles by researchers – professors or students – of any nationality, serving as a space for the communication of ideas between groups of scholars and their respective fields. It is also willing to publish reviews and monographs, dissertations, theses and theoretical essays.

Our focus and differential is the dissemination of academic production, which includes studies on technical matters; articles and notes from the market professional (business); the scientific researcher (scholar); and the educator who works directly with teaching, thus acting as a source of specialized literature in various fields of knowledge for society, democratically disseminating scientific and cultural knowledge unrestrictedly. The researcher will also be able to enrich his Lattes curriculum through the registration of academic production published in Revista Acadêmica Online. The academic must inform our ISSN 2691-0012, regarding the article, so that its publication is accepted in Lattes.

We respect the different types of work, and the research focus assumed by the author in his study interest. There are no restrictions on any area of ​​human knowledge, and there is no impediment to any thematic. Our goal is the dissemination of scientific content. The magazine, in its essence, aims to facilitate academic cooperation; mainly to facilitate the communication of science to our authors. Our activity is related to the creation, ease and transparency in the dissemination of research results to other researchers and related audiences.

Professionals who are not directly involved with the research activity, and need support to better base their decisions are also included in our initiative.

After evaluating the opinion of our editorial committee regarding the submission of the work, we will provide the bank details. We will start editorial procedures after sending proof of bank transfer or deposit.