The next step in the publication process involves reviewing the final proofs for your article. Please return verified evidence via email or via online shipping within 72 hours of receipt. Late return of proofs may mean postponement to a later edition. Make a copy of the corrected proofs before returning them; keep the copy for your records.

This step is the author’s responsibility for correspondence. Finals will not be read by the editorial team. Errors that you don’t check will be published.

The corresponding author of an accepted manuscript will receive e-mail notification and complete instructions when page proofs are available for review through a secure website. The final exam will be provided in files in the portable document format (PDF) of the composition pages. The authors’ attention is directed to the instructions that accompany the proof, especially the requirement that all corrections, revisions and additions be inserted in the proof and not in the manuscript.

Note that you are being asked to correct the errors, not to review the article. You will not be charged for our editing errors or typographical errors, but you will be charged for any changes to the original text you make in the final exams. Extensive changes may require approval by the Editorial Board, possibly delaying publication.

Follow these guidelines when reviewing print proofs:

• Mark your corrections, in red ink, directly on the proofs of printing. Make sure your corrections are noticeable and easy to understand.

• Check all types in the print proofs. Check the title, list of abbreviations and paragraph of the author’s article documentation.

• Compare the data in the table with that of the original tables.

• Compare all the equations with those in your original manuscript. Make sure that special characters are not deleted.

• Make sure the figures are fully legible, including any text in small print.

• If you find an error, look again at the lines around the error. Errors tend to cluster.

Submission of final proof corrections

The next step in the publication process is to send the verified final proof. Perform the following steps to provide final proof corrections:

  1. Scan only the pages marked with corrections.
  2. Save each scanned page in JPG format.
  3. Send all scanned pages via the online submission system OR
  4. Send all scanned pages by email to
  5. Write the statement as “No changes to page number 1, 2, 3, 7, 8” on pages that do not require corrections.

Note: If you are fully SATISFIEID in the final exam, just inform the newsroom about your satisfaction via email or online submission system. Only after receiving your final satisfaction opinion, the Editorial Department will send your article for final publication.